Constitutions are living documents. They are updated on a regular basis and we are no different! Feel free to download the current version of the ILGA Oceania Constitution.

At each Annual General Meeting (AGM) we discuss proposals from members to amend our ILGA Oceania Constitution.

Check out this document and familiarise yourself with the rules passed at the last AGM, on how ILGA Oceania should be run.


2014 Darwin - 2016 Bangkok Pre-2016 Bangkok Proposed Changes
Pre-2016 Bangkok Proposed Documents
2016 Bangkok - 2018 APIA Pre-2018 Apia Proposed Changes
2016-2018 Apia Proposed Documents
2018 Apia - 2020 Virtual Pre-2020 Virtual Proposed Changes 2014-2016 Virtual Proposed Document
2020 Virtual - 2021 Noumea (PROPOSED ONLY)