ILGA Oceania Newsletter (No 16)


This is a great opportunity to hear form the newly elected Co-Chair, Ken Moala. He will be giving a brief welcome and introduction, as he highlights some updates on various key issues in preparation for the ILGA Oceania Virtual Conference, on the Thursday 22nd October 2020, and AGM Event, on the Saturday 24th October 2020. Let us introduce you to Ken Moala!

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ILGA Oceania Conference / AGM



There is no registration fee to the 2020 ILGA Oceania Conference / AGM [Thursday & Saturday, 22 & 24 October 2020], however, ILGA Oceania knows there are expenses which may be a hurdle to participating in such a 2-day virtual event. For delegates to this conference, especially in non-OECD countries, whatever your expenses to participate in this ILGA Oceania conference, there is more than likely going to be a scholarship that meets your needs.


Sub-Regional Host Scholarship 

Are you thinking of hosting a few people from your organisation to take part in the ILGA Oceania conference / AGM? We have a budget for supporting at least one sub-regional host in each country of the Oceania region to participate in this ILGA Oceania conference / AGM event [Thursday & Saturday, 22 & 24 October 2020]. This can include anything from internet access, venue hire to even catering. Applications for these sub-regional events which host a few ILGA Oceania members from your country are encouraged.


Participation Grant Scholarship 

A scholarship grant from the LGBTI Language Exchange is available for indigenous delegates of LGBTI organisations of the Pacific Islands and Australia, to pay their ILGA membership fees for this year (2020) and indeed any outstanding prior year's fees that prevent that organisation participating fully in the ILGA Oceania conference / AGM. 




There is only one online application form for all the scholarships that ILGA Oceania is offering this year. Make sure you fill it out ASAP!


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To ensure that the virtual event runs smoothly, makes sure you do the following things. Some of these steps only take a second to complete, but will save you a lot of pain on the day of the event!  


Step 1

Sign up with Loomio!

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It only takes a second!


Step 2

Download Zoom on your computer or as a phone app!


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Note: This is not be possible at internet cafés.

Step 3

Register for the conference!


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Let us know you are coming, so we can assist you better.

Step 4

Nominate for a position!


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ILGA Oceania is your organisation! If you want to contribute, join the team.


The official deadline for proposals set by the secretary has passed [Thursday, 24 September 2020]. The following proposals were submitted and endorsed by the ILGA Oceania board:-















The ILGA Oceania website has the current forms of both the ILGA Oceania constitution and the ILGA Oceania standing orders. To check out what the ILGA Oceania constitution will look like, if all these proposals were passed, the following documents have been created, indicating how the proposed changes will affect those documents:-




Proposed Changes

Potential Resultant Document




Proposed Changes

Potential Resultant Document


Check out the explanations, progress, discussion of each of the proposals via the proposal portal.   

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On the passing of the official deadline for proposals set by the secretary, no member proposals were submitted. As a result, the deadline of submissions will be extended to Saturday (03 October 2020).


Can you suggest a change in how ILGA Oceania operates! Did these ILGA Oceania board approved changes give you any ideas? Get cracking and submit a proposal now! The form to fill out is still the same, and all proposals must be submitted on that form.

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ILGA Oceania is composed of representative organisations around the Oceania region, working tirelessly on their own individual campaigns. Whilst ILGA Oceania is not a campaign organisation, it can support for such campaigns. Such support is  registered in the relevant “campaigns” section of the ILGA Oceania policy document.


Campaign proposals are handled like all other proposals. Therefore, the deadline for campaign proposals, like the general deadline for proposals, has now been extended to Saturday (03 October 2020). Having said this, campaign proposals can also be submitted at the ILGA Oceania conference AGM via one of the portfolio caucuses. All campaign proposals are submitted on the  form for submitting ordinary proposals, by nominating “ILGA Oceania Policy Document” as the document you hope to change.  

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ILGA Oceania Events & Deadlines


This is a list of deadlines and important events occurring in this region over the next couple of months:-


          Extended ILGA Oceania AGM Deadline – Proposals, i.e. constitutional changes, standing order changes, and policy document changes (including campaign support). [submit]

                        Saturday, 03 October 2020

            ILGA Oceania AGM Deadline – Amendment proposals. [submit]

                        Friday, 09 October 2020

            ILGA Oceania AGM Deadline – Nominations [submit]

                        Friday, 09 October 2020

            ILGA Oceania Conference – Day 1

                        Thursday, 22 October 2020

            ILGA Oceania Conference – Day 2 & AGM

                        Saturday, 24 October 2020


Note from the Communication’s team:



What is coming next week!

Next issue will include more details about the various caucuses which will be held during the ILGA Oceania Virtual AGM [Saturday, 24th October 2020], as well as the associated elections which be held for each of the corresponding portfolio subcommittee chairs. 


Remember, if you have anything to contribute to the newsletter just send us an email and we will happily share your contribution.




Ken Moala 

ILGA Oceania Co-Convenor


Vanessa Lee-AhMat

ILGA Oceania Co-Convenor


Rāwā Karetai

ILGA Oceania Secretary


Simon Margan

ILGA Oceania Treasurer