Co-Convenor Update

As we catch our breath and prepare to move into October, we would like to share what we have been involved in. Ken and Vanessa were involved in the Family and Traditional Values Seminar Series: Pacific Dialogue and once the recording becomes available, we will share via the newsletter. In mid-September Vanessa participated in a Queer Forum organized by the Pride Networks of University of Sydney and University of NSW titled 'Queer Aboriginal Voices Matter'.


Over the course of this last week we have been working with other board members on the organising of the ILGA Oceania 4th Regional Conference on-line from Noumea and the 2020 on-line AGM. This has included organising zoom as the platform with live captioning and Auslan interpreters and finding an appropriate on-line voting platform for the AGM – yes thankfully we believe that we have found one (Vero). We are also happy to say that in line with our ILGA Oceania constitution the AGM will be chaired and/or facilitated by an independent body from ILGA World. Registration for the ILGA Oceania 4th Regional conference can be achieved through these links:



Below are the details of the conference:

Victor Madrigal-Borloz

Independent expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity

In late 2017 the United Nations Human Rights Council appointed Mr. Madrigal-Borloz as UN Independent Expert on Protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity for a three-year period starting on 1 January 2018. In this capacity, he assesses the implementation of international human rights law, raises awareness, engages in dialogue with all relevant stakeholders, and provides advisory services, technical assistance, capacity-building to help address violence and discrimination against persons on the basis of the sexual orientation or gender identity.

Tony K. Fretton

Tony K. Fretton is a community organizer and advocates to build relationships between LGBTQA+ diaspora communities with those same communities in the Pacific Islands. He is the founder of PacifiqueX; a not-for-profit organization for LGBTQA+ Pacific Islanders in Australia and has over 15 years’ experience in Volunteering and Organising (Samoa & Australia), holding current positions in the Victoria Samoa Advisory Council, UTOPIA Australia, Multicultural Ambassador for the Mental Health Foundation Australia and a participant of the LGBTIQA+ Leadership Victoria 2019 intake. Currently works in a Regional Case Management role empowering people with Disabilities through the facilitation of sustainable employment programs. Tony studied a Bachelor in Communication (Media Studies) & Bachelor of Film in Australia and trained in Mental Health support.

Miles P. Young

Miles is the Director of the Human Rights and Social Development Division (Suva). 

Miles was born and raised in Fiji. He has worked for more than 20 years as a specialist in development law and private law in Oceania, Asia and Africa. He holds a Masters in International Law from the University of Sydney. Prior to that, Miles served as a Project Officer in the Equity and Diversity Office at Western Sydney University (Australia) and as a Regional Legal Consultant to the Food Organization of the United Nations. and agriculture (FAO). He has served as Deputy Director of the Australian-Indonesian Justice Partnership (AIPJ) funded by the Australian Government in Indonesia, Managing Director and Secretary of International Christian Aid Relief Enterprises Limited (iCARE), Legal Adviser for programs with the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) in Australia, and Head of Field Operations Programming at IDLO headquarters in Italy. Miles has worked in many specialist areas, including access to justice and legal aid, education, legal and economic empowerment of communities, women's rights and gender equality, in constitution building, judicial administration, human rights, international trade law, agriculture, biosafety and pesticides. He has designed, managed and implemented complex and sensitive international development programs and projects in the areas of rule of law, social justice and education, and mobilized the necessary funding for these interventions.

Margherita Coppolino

An Inclusion/Intersectionality consultant and photographer with networks in government, business and social justice circles. Margherita has undertaken the Australia Institute of Company Directors training and was elected as National Ethnic Disability Alliances (NEDA) President in 2017, appointed to the Victoria Ministerial LGBTI Taskforce, Drummond Street Services in 2020 and SBS Community Advisory Committee in 2019. In 2018, Margherita presented on the first ever LGBTIQA side event at the United Nations’ CRPD COSP11 in New York. Margherita's experience continues, having held the position of Chair on Arts Access Victoria and Australia Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO) Boards. She held Non-Executive positions on Spectrum Migrants Resources Centre and Action on Disability Within Ethnic Communities, Women With Disabilities Australia and Short Statured People of Australia and the list goes on. Margherita is first generation Australian, born to a Sicilian mother who migrated in the 1959. She was born with a Short Statured condition and is a proud feminist and lesbian.

Miki Charlamagne Wali

Ms Miki Chalamagne Wali is Director of "Haus of Khameleon". She is a feminist, activist and human rights defender, her passion resides in human rights law and policy.

David Aoneka Rupa Lawrence

David is a Youth Worker with a demonstrated history of ten years affiliated with national and international organizations. He is currently the Principal Advisor to the Director General of the National Youth Development Authority, overseeing International Policy, Political and Diplomatic Affairs of Youth Development in the country, under the Ministry of Community Development Youth and Religion. During his free times he offers technical assistance to charity organizations by facilitating capacity building workshops on Youth Leadership and Governance, Human Rights, Advocacy Strategies, and developing tools for Youth Mobilization and Focus Groups; free of charge.  His podcast channel is called "Yut Tok with David Aoneka Lawrence" where conversations around Social, Economic, Environmental and Political aspects of youth development are facilitated with ordinary youth, professional Youth/Social Workers and Development Specialists. The podcast is hosted once a month on Anchor FM, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Castbox, Overcast and Radio Public. His personal community initiative is the #MenandBoysToo, which is an event that brings men and boys together during the 16 days of Activism as a safe space to discuss all forms of Violence that affects our society and to redefine masculinity in Papua New Guinea.

Gaelle Bourguignon

Gaelle is female, white, cisgender, lesbian, feminist and able-bodied. Her commitment to the rights of minority people is a leitmotif that dates back to  high school. Specialist in political asylum applications and human trafficking, she worked for large organizations in France before settling in New Caledonia.  Operational Director at the "Diversities NC" association since 2015, she then refocused her commitment on the rights of LGBTQIA + people and gender equality while taking into account the peculiarities specific to Oceania.

Manu Ft

At the start of 2018 Manu posted “Life is good friends” on the social networks. 10 minutes of intimate confessions, explanations, history, culture, sharing on doubts, desires, misunderstandings and all that surrounds the transition in Oceania, society, family, taboo, the look on the difference from the other but not only. This emotional tsunami was above all an invitation to question all of us about our relationship to ourselves and to others. For a short while we will share with Manu what has happened in the three years since the publication of this video which has seen tens of thousands of views.

Petelo Tuilalo

Petelo is responsible for the department of plastic arts and exhibitions at the Kanak Culture Development Agency / Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Center. Promoter of human rights through culture, he is also a contemporary witness to Oceanic stories.

Congratulations to everyone elected into ILGA Oceania board position!

Since there were no other nominations [ILGA Oceania Constitution, cl17.4], the following people were elected unopposed:-

Senior Executive
1) Vanessa Lee - Co-Convenor (Female)
2) Ken Moala - Co-Convenor (General)
3) Iru Tao - Alternate Co-Convenor
4) Simon Margan - Treasurer

Portfolio Subcommittee Chairs
5) Mani Mitchel - Intersex Subcommittee Chair
6) Margherita Coppolino - Disability Subcommittee Chair

Conference Convenor
7) Laurent Garnier-Regal - Conference Convenor

Regional Representative
8) Regional Representative (New Zealand)

Remaining Positions

This means that the following positions will be open for delegates of ILGA member organisations to nominate and get elected at the Annual General meeting [Saturday, 24 October 2020]:-

Executive positions
1) Alternate Co-Convenor (female)
2) Secretary

Portfolio Subcommittee Chairs
3) Women's Subcommittee Chair [Click Here!]
4) Bisexual Subcommittee Chair [Click Here!]
5) Trans Subcommittee Chair [Click Here!]
6) Youth Subcommittee Chair [Click Here!]
7) Elder Subcommittee Chair [Click Here!]

Regional Representative
8) Regional Representative (Pacific Islands)
9) Regional Representative (Australia)

A full list of the ILGA Oceania board proposals being proposed at the Annual General meetingis now availble! A ILGA member only forum is now available on Loomio to allow ILGA Oceania members to review, discuss and vote on the proposals, ahead of the formal AGM event.

Election Procedure
A) ILGA Oceania Board Composition & Elections Reform [proposal / discussion / vote]
B) "Proportional" System of Voting [proposal / discussion / vote]
C) Convenor / Alternate Election Procedure [proposal / discussion / vote]
D) Conference Chairing Guidelines [proposal / discussion / vote]

Representative Positions
E) Indigenous Convenor [proposal / discussion / vote]
F) Elder Position [proposal / discussion / vote]
G) Disability Subcommittee Chair Addition [proposal / discussion / vote]

H) Nomenclature Change: "ILGA" » "ILGA World" [proposal / discussion / vote]
I) Nomenclature Change: "Board" » "Executive Board" [proposal / discussion / vote]
J) Nomenclature Change: "Co-Convenor" » "Co-Chair Person" [proposal / discussion / vote]

K) Official Working Languages [proposal / discussion / vote]
L) ILGA Oceania Policy Document Creation [proposal / discussion / vote]

Corrections and Updates
M) Standing Orders Conflict [proposal / discussion / vote]
N) Membership Process Update [proposal / discussion / vote]
O) Technology Update [proposal / discussion / vote]
P) Special General Meeting Requests [proposal / discussion / vote]
Q) Conference Convenor [proposal / discussion / vote]


The City of Sydney is conducting a survey of uses of the LGBTI+ section of Oxford Street (Darlinghurst), inviting the community that use it to have their say in the planning for the cultural and creative precinct in that area. You can have your say by completing an online survey

Deadline: 5pm - Tuesday 3 November 2020

More to come on the conference next week!

For any other information on the conference, especially minute-by-minute updates consult ILGA Oceania's website dedicated to the conference -