ILGA Oceania Portfolio Sub-Committee Positions

The Bisexual, Intersex, Trans, Women & Youth (BITWY) Porfolio Sub-Committee Chairs are elected to the ILGA World Board along with region Co-convenors, which make up the ILGA World Board headed by two Co-Secretary Generals.

Previously, the ILGA Oceania Region was most proud of our previous Co-Convenor Tuisina Ymania Brown Tuisina is ILGA's first trans person to be elected to Co-Secretary General, the highest position of ILGA World!

The ILGA Oceania Region is also most proud of two of it's members - Congratulations - Rawa Karetai & Tony Briffa who were elected at the ILGA World Conference in Wellington as Chairs of the Bisexual (Rawa) and Intersex (Tony) steering committees respectively.


Portfolios 1 - 5 will be working with representatives from other ILGA World regions in portfolio subcommittees:

1. Bisexual Steering Committee - Misty Farquhar

2. Intersex Steering Committee - VACANT

3. Trans Steering Committee - VACANT

4. Women's Steering Committee - VACANT

5. Youth Steering Committee - Amasai Jeke

The following portfolios do not work with any ILGA World Portfolio Sub-Committees, but are important roles in raising awareness about the needs, issues and experiences of Elderly & Aging LGBTQI+ peoples, Indigenous LGBTQI+ Peoples and LGBTQI+ people with disabilities in the Oceania region.

6. Elder Portfolio - Kenneth Moala

7. Indigenous Portfolio - Dr. Vanessa Lee

Previously, in the ILGA Oceania SGM held during the ILGA Oceania caucuas at the 2019 ILGA World Conference (Wellington, New Zealand), a Disability portfolio was created and a focal person was appointed to work alongside the ILGA Oceania Board in establishing this position constitutionally.

8. ILGA Oceania Disability Portfolio - Margherita Coppolino

The Portfolio holders will take responsibility for the direction of that Portfolio within the ILGA Oceania region, and to represent the interests of that Portfolio also in the ILGA Oceania region.

Constitutionally ILGA Oceania also has also regional/country representation consisting of board members from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, these regions hold 2 positions each to the ILGA Oceania Board:

Australia: Vanessa Lee - Ah Mat & Simon Margan

New Zealand: Mani Bruce Mitchell & Rawa Karetai

Pacific region: Vaito’a Toelupe & Laurent Garnier-Regal

The above regional board members can be a ILGA World BITWY Steering Committee Regional member, or a ILGA Oceania Portfolio holder, but cannot be a ILGA World BITWY Steering Committee Regional member or a ILGA Oceania Portfolio holder and be the Chair of a ILGA World BITWY Steering Committee.

ILGA Oceania will convene its 'in person' Conference in Noumea - New Caledonia 2020, hosted by local organisations and partners.

ILGA Oceania Conference Convenor - Laurent Garnier-Regal

ILGA Oceania Board Sub-Committees are as follows:
Portfolio Interactions

ILGA World at it's World Conference in Bangkok 2016 passed proposals to replace the Secretariats with Committees.

Portfolio Job Descriptions

Some Portfolio Job Descriptions are available below in the Downloads section of this page and and if you have any questions, email them to

Other portfolio job descriptions are currently being created.